Arc XXVIII - "The Alluring Flame" #955 - "Haunted?"

5/6/2023, 12:01 AM
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#955 - "Haunted?"

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Author Notes

5/6/2023, 12:01 AM
Austin Wolfclaw
Austin wakes up from a nightmare and wonders if the shack is haunted.
The deer screamed.
And sat up in his bed.
Just a dream.
A nightmare. Or…was it a good dream? He had noticed he had a wet dream.
“Fuck,” The deer said. “Second time this year and in the middle of nowhere, to boot.”
He got out of bed and checked his watch. Six thirty. The sun was just coming up. He looked out the window.
The two skeletons were there at the bush in the same pose the deer last saw them in the dream.
Was this place haunted? Surely he could not have dreamt he was a witness to the mutilation and feasting of two innocent people in the middle of the woods by a slew of bloodthirsty predators…
Suddenly he heard the door of the outhouse open and Austin froze.
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