Arc XXVIII - "The Alluring Flame" #954 - "Exact Same Spot"

4/29/2023, 12:01 AM
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#954 - "Exact Same Spot"

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Author Notes

4/29/2023, 12:01 AM
Austin Wolfclaw
After watching the preds feast, he relizes something, the preds discard the skeleton in the same formation Austin found them upon arriving at the shack!
A swarm of animals, tigers, bears, wolves lions, hyenas, et cetera, all came in to feast on the flesh of the two people. It would take a half-hour for them to strip them both of their flesh. When they were done they tossed the skeletons at the bushes near the kill site.
Wait a minute, the deer thought. That was where I found…
No time to think… The horde of preds were looking right at him, wanting more meat. The deer ran to make sure the door was latched only to run into a massive polar bear, who struck the deer with a mighty clawed paw.
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