Arc XXVIII - "The Alluring Flame" #946 - "JUST RUN!!"

3/4/2023, 12:01 AM
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#946 - "JUST RUN!!"

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Author Notes

3/4/2023, 12:01 AM
Austin Wolfclaw
there seems to be an infinite supply of crocodiles around here....
He quickly got to a standing position as another croc maw snapped at him.
It was then he noticed more crocs were slipping into the water.
What’s going on, the deer thought as more maws lunged at him.
Just run. Don’t look back, the deer thought again.
And he did just that. Knowing crocodiles are slower on ground than in the water, he took off running into the forest, not taking time to look back to see if the scaly reptiles were chasing him.
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