Arc XXVII - "The Labyrinth" #937, end of Arc XXVII - "Shark Bait"

12/3/2022, 12:01 AM
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#937, end of Arc XXVII - "Shark Bait"

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Author Notes

12/3/2022, 12:01 AM
Austin Wolfclaw
Speedy gets revenge on Austin, by feeding him to Sharky.
Aaaand that's the arc! You surprised I didn't let you know earlier? Well, I did get the comic done a month in advance so technically I got it done November 5th... BUT! NEWS! Next Arc: I'll be putting a story I wrote to comic strip ART!

Back in 2016, I wrote a story called "The Alluring Flame" The story was the first appearance of Gorn the Minotaur, and it tried to explain why some hungry preds are attracted to him...

The Alluring Flame, Arc XXVIII, coming January 7th 2023! EAT U L8R!
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