Arc XXI - "Sharknado" #470, start of Arc XXI, "Sharknado" - "An Interesting Storm"

8/3/2013, 12:54 AM
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#470, start of Arc XXI, "Sharknado" - "An Interesting Storm"

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Author Notes

8/3/2013, 12:54 AM
Austin Wolfclaw
This arc starts in Miami Beach, Florida. There's a hurricane on the horizon: Hurricane Gigli.
Aloysius "Al" Barknan isn't afraid though. His tavern, "Albar", survived the first direct hit of a hurricane; Hurricane Lopez in 2006, so he is certain it will endure this hurricane as well.

As Al marvels at the twin waterspouts that have formed, deep in the Atlantic, something is awry. Three members of Sharky's hunting party have suddenly come up missing, though Hammer states they WERE behind him when he last checked...

((Welcome to Arc 21! Hope you enjoy it!))
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