Arc XVII - "Otherselves" #320 - "Soylent Orange Is Deadly"

4/17/2010, 12:44 AM
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#320 - "Soylent Orange Is Deadly"

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Author Notes

4/17/2010, 12:44 AM
Austin Wolfclaw
Torrle tries to get Lab to start on his quest when a glowing orange arrow barely misses the lion.

The arrowhead is made out of a fictional element I call solcor. Solcor is used to drain the soul and/or essence from a living being, killing it in the process.

The reason why Torrle is not affected by the solcor is because it went through his ghost form to get to lab. An arrow with a Solcor head traveling at 95 miles per hour wont get a chance to drain....heck, if torrle was 50% transparent, he wold now be 49.9999 percent transparent. Solcor drains slowly if used as an arrowhead, but if used in large amounts you will die faster.
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