Arc XVII - "Otherselves" #315, start of Arc XVII, "Otherselves" - "Otherworld"

3/5/2010, 11:44 PM
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#315, start of Arc XVII, "Otherselves" - "Otherworld"

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Author Notes

3/5/2010, 11:44 PM
Austin Wolfclaw
New arc, called “Otherselves” is up and running! How do you like the site layout? If you missed the uStream broadcast of the creation of this comic, then you missed out on my cheating BIG TIME.

This is why…(official announcement, BTW… ) that Arc 20 will be the first arc to be drawn exclusively on the computer, no pen and paper anymore! (Hopefully I will have a Win7 compatible stylus by then…)

Anyway, synopsis of comic…

This is continuing from where A Lion Named Lab left off. The Echoes of Torrle is telling Lab where he is. I explained on my uStream broadcast why i didnt color Lab’s fur silver. Well, its because his fur is a dark grey on Earth, and a light grey in Otherworld, and the silver will return when the otherself is found. :)

Enjoy the new arc!
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