Arc XV - "Chimber's Deathly Secret" #303 - "Nice Doggy"

11/20/2009, 11:15 PM
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#303 - "Nice Doggy"

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Author Notes

11/20/2009, 11:15 PM
Austin Wolfclaw
This is the last comic I am drawing using the Depakote Pen. (Carnivores Pen #2.)

I do not remember how long Carnivores Pen #1 lasted before I had to toss it, (it was a Bic pen) but I know this pen lasted a LONG time. I think it survived The Run.

Next Week, Carnivores Pen #3 will make its debut. What will it be? I HAVE A LOT OF PENS, SO CHOOSING ONE WILL NOT BE EASY (lol)

This is how Sheila Milford dies. A sleeping K-9 finally wakes up and attacks her while driving.

I had to do a lot of work on this comic, a lot of back ground drawing… and i had to draw the dog growling at Sheila SEPERATE! Unbelievable, no? Lets see… i had to cut a panel out and crop and resize it… and i had to redraw the entire 6th panel. Also, a lot of filling in the cracks due to the pen dying.

So enjoy this one. like you do all the others lol
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