Arc XIV - "A Lion Named Lab" #266 - "Chainsaw Bet"

2/20/2009, 11:43 PM
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#266 - "Chainsaw Bet"

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Author Notes

2/20/2009, 11:43 PM
Austin Wolfclaw
The first title of this strip was "Chain Saw", then it became "Chainsaw Massacre" before settling on "Chainsaw Bet", after what i drew didn't turn out to be in tune with the title.

See folks, I draw these comic strips on the fly, I dont usually type out any text ahead of time...(I used to a few weeks back but sorta stopped that) I draw, scan and color on the same day. Sometimes its draw on friday (or saturday) and scan and color on saturday (or Sunday)
If it is sunday, I make a desperate attempt to do the comic, cuz if i dont, there would be no comic til next week.

SO anyway, the summary of this comic is...

"Shuji gets put on the spot when Sempis tries to prove the lion's blood was not entirely sucked dry."
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