Arc X - "Ratafen's Endeavors" #173 - "Revelations"

12/15/2006, 11:28 PM
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#173 - "Revelations"

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Author Notes

12/15/2006, 11:28 PM
Austin Wolfclaw
***The following takes place AFTER Carnivores #172, but before Carnivores #173 ***

Ratafen: Are you missing a necklace by any chance?
Alexandria: Necklace? Uhh...
Rat: I was sent by Farmer Tobias--
Alex: (interrupting) My dad!
Rat: Ah, so it is you!
Alex: I kinda figured he'd send someone to look for me. How did you get here?
Rat: The same way you got here.
Alex: What? Damn I thought that crystal had enough power to only teleport one...
Rat: Crystal...?
Alex: In the haystack. See, my chance to escape was this. When dinner came about, I hid the crystal in the hay. When Dad called my name, I told him I lost my...."necklace"...hehehe... Boy, he's gullible...

***end of Carnivores #172 ½. Go read #173 now.***
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