Arc X - "Ratafen's Endeavors" #172 - "Questions"

12/8/2006, 11:28 PM
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#172 - "Questions"

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Author Notes

12/8/2006, 11:28 PM
Austin Wolfclaw
I had enough money to get me a 30-day game card so I can (hopefully) finish this arc. After this, I will return to drawing for Arc XI.

Money situation still looking dire for me. I only have like 40 dollars in my credit card account anf 7 dollars in my checking account, and 101 dollars owed for the Comcast bill.

Face it. You can't call it the cable bill anymore. Comcast offers three services for us: Cable TV, High Speed Internet, and Digital Phone Service. I have cable and internet, so the cost of those, plus FCC Fees and whatnot, total up to $101.58 every month.

So, the new comic is up and stuff. Enjoy.

Description? Oh, well, his armor is repaired, and I think he's found Alexandria!
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