Austin Wolfclaw
just wanted to wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year. New arc button is up and comics are gonna resume as scheduled on the 7th of January 2023.

“Whoops! My bad!!”

Austin Wolfclaw
Forgot to uppload the webcomic to the site beofre i left for my friend’s house for the weekend... i’ll do it when i get back sunday night. Sorryu bout that!! ~AWC

“Transfer is DONE.”

Austin Wolfclaw
All the comics have been successfully transferred! Thanks for your patience! The Grand Opening will be this Saturday 7/20 and the deletion of the Comic Genesis site will be moved UP to August 10th.
Also, put back in order some comics that were out of order.
~Austin Wolfclaw

“Arc 18 up!”

Austin Wolfclaw
I did a majority of these comic uploads on a BUS heading home. Thank goodness for portable wifi hotspots :)
but yea, just when I thought I was gonna go an entire week without uploading comics, my persisdtance kisks in and this happens. Keep checking back often! At least once a week a new arc from the old site is uploaded!! ~AWC

“Update: Arc XVII uploaded!”

Austin Wolfclaw
Finallyin the wee hours of the morning i managed to finish uploading all of Arc XVII. Don't know if i will start on Arc XVIII this week or not, cuz of other things i need to get done this week. Whenever I have time, I will at least start on it. Thanks for your patience.

“Welcome to the NEW Carnivores website!”

Austin Wolfclaw
ComicFury is the new home for the Carnivores Webcomic! Previous arcs are still being uploaded, please be patient... I JUST got done with "A Lion Named Lab"... that's Arc 15!! Through the years the arcs have been getting longer and LONGER. So, as soon as all arcs are uploaded, I will hold a Grand Opening. But for now, consider this a soft opening.
(The grand opening will be a switch from overview to comic view as the page that comes up when you visit the site.

~Austin Wolfclaw

“Easy arcs done....”

Austin Wolfclaw
OK, so arcs 4 through 8 are DONE. (comp. 6/29/19) Arc 9 is the first arc that lasted more than a year, so i'll focus on that sometime next week. I'll probably work more on the website itself and make it look more like the old site on Comic Genesis. I will put the comics from the current arc on the website as i'll be doing a soft open next Saturday. Grand opening is when everything is caught up!

“Arc I uploaded!”

Austin Wolfclaw
OK so that wasnt that bad, dealing with short arcs will be a breeze but dealing with those that have lasted over a year may be a chore. Still setting up the site the way I like it...Hang in there.
I'll start uploading comics for the current arc sometime in July, and i'll keep the ComicGenesis site up as a means of archive until everything is uploaded here.


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